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The Worst Pain Ever® digital platform is the world’s largest online kidney stone patient community!

We seek to improve patients’ well-being by empowering them with useful information, supporting them through our active community and bringing joy through our relatable content.

Our digital urology initiative is powered by Dornier MedTech, one of the most trusted names in urology that continues to spearhead innovation. We are pushing the envelope in digital urology to provide holistic care to patients who are seeking treatment and community as they work through their conditions online and in real life.


30M Americans may suffer from Kidney Stones in their lifetime1

Annual economic burden
of Kidney Stones2
$ 0 B
lost workdays with indirect costs
totaling $775M3
0 M
ED visits per year due to
suspected kidney stones4
0 M
Kidney stones treated
each year5
0 K
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What We Do

Through our digital health approach, we are meeting kidney stone patients where they are and providing them with actionable insights, to drive impact on their health behaviors and outcomes.

Our digital health journey began with the simple goal of supporting kidney stone patients through their worst pain ever. We empower them with useful information, support them through our active community and bring joy through our relatable content.

Today, our clinically-backed WPE Wellness™ Program strives to improve kidney stone patients’ health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. From medically-reviewed toolkits, targeted lifestyle recommendations to robust community support, we are adopting a holistic approach towards enriching the kidney stone patient experience.

Our Approach

What is the WPE Wellness™ program?

Our WPE Wellness™ program is specially designed to help kidney stone patients reduce the risk of recurrence and complications, through comprehensive patient education and guided intervention at various stages of their journey. Through our articles and toolkits, we aim to support patients in making better lifestyle and treatment decisions.

Where do we get our information from?

Medical accuracy is important to us, and to the patients whom we serve.

We take pride in ensuring that our articles and toolkits are backed by studies from peer-reviewed journals and verified by a panel of esteemed urologists, known as our Medical Advisory Board. They help to ensure that the information we provide is relevant, accurate and up-to-date.

Meet our medical advisory board

Meet our medical advisory board

Dr Linda Shortliffe

Dr Linda M. Dairiki Shortliffe is the Stanley McCormick Memorial Professor Emerita of Urology at Stanford University, where she previously served as Department Chair of Urology.

With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is dedicated to improving the lives of kidney stone patients through her research and guidance.

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Dr Kymora Scotland

Dr Kymora Scotland is an endourologist practitioner and an Assistant Professor of Urology in UCLA. She also holds the role as Director of Endourology Research and Associate Director of Endourology Fellowship Program. 

She has clinical expertise in the treatment of kidney stones, and works with patients to treat stones and other surgical issues through minimally invasive surgery.

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Dr Simon Conti

Dr Simon Conti is a Clinical Associate Professor of Urology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He has clinical expertise in the treatment of kidney stones, and has a special interest in the treatment of urologic conditions.

Dr Conti is a founding member of the Stanford Urolithiasis Project, aimed at studying environmental risk factors in urinary stone disease, such as ethnic disparities.

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