Payors and Employers

With kidney stone cases increasing by 2% a year1, we seek to partner to offer a quality patient experience, while generating cost savings for payors and self-insured employers.

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As compared to the top 10 most common outpatient conditions presented at ED2

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1 in 9 patients experience repeat ED visits post-treatment3
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Repeat ED visits cost 80% more than one-off visits4
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with indirect costs totaling $775M5

Integrated Urology Platform for Better Outcomes

Powered by Dornier MedTech, our integrated urology platform is uniquely designed to help patients get the timely treatment that they need, and aims to contribute to a lower risk of recurrence thereafter. Our full suite of offerings extends from our patient-centric WPE Wellness program to clinical services and best-in-class medical devices and consumables; covering the full spectrum of education, prevention, treatment, and
post-treatment care.

By helping patients manage their lifestyle and condition, we look to generate cost savings and create a seamless healthcare experience for lives covered that payors and employers can be proud of. Reach out to us to be a part of our beta launch.

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