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With our holistic approach towards patient education, let’s ease your clinical burden and improve kidney stone patient health outcomes together.

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Due to suspected kidney stones1
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1 in 9 patients experience repeat ED visits post-treatment2
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Placing a significant burden on clinical load3

Improve Patient Outcomes with WPE Wellness program

Patient education and timely intervention are essential to reducing the risk of kidney stone development and recurrence, particularly among high-risk populations. These include people with obesity, hypertension, gout, and a history of kidney stones.

Developed in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Board, the WPE Wellness program leverages on expert advice and interventional strategies to help patients make smarter lifestyle, treatment and post-treatment choices, for better health outcomes.

Supported by our proven content strategy, we offer the option of tailoring the WPE Wellness program to your patient cohort and organization’s needs. Contact us today to join our beta cohort and find out how we can help fill the gap between Doctor visits.

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